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Нет лучше занятья для мужика, чем ждать и крутить верньеры (Олег Медведев)

Оригинал взят у 07122 в музыка дня у меня
ну, и понеслось или вернее понеслись в понедельник, в рабочий мать его, понедельник
John the telegraphist
John the telegraphist
and nothing more,
a humble, small station
there were more trees and birds
than people
but he had an urgent heart
even without
a promotion
pressing pressing
a single key.

Elliptic, like any good
cutting flowers 1, prepositions
to shorten words
to be more concise as necessary, as necessary.

He met Dawn, who had little to do with dawn,
not a morning person,
of mixed race,
one day she fled, the only day
she woke up early
to go live big city 2
full lights jewels.

Bleeding, urgent story.
Ah, uselessness Morse alphabet
in the hands John telegraphist
look look for Dawn
any place served telegraph.
Ah, when it grows old
how painful is urgence.
John the telegraphist
and nothing else... urgent.

Through his hands passed world
a world that made him urgent
cryptographic, fast, coded,
passed price of coffee
passed wedding Edward
VIII, now the Duke of Windsor
passed grasshoppers China
passed commotion flying bomb
passed many things, but among them
passed news Dawn getting married
with another man.

John the telegraphist
the one with an urgent heart
said nothing, only
three black swallows
withouth the slighest intention of conveying a symbolic meaning
on the telegraphic sob.

Dawn is urgent.
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